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    Here are some comments from a few of our satisfied customers. 

  • I wanted to send out very big thanks to you again for your amazing inspection services to our future home over the past weekend! It was a pleasure having you surveying our property and providing us with a incredibly thorough inspection and breakdown of the various items! We we're beyond impressed by your report and its timely return:) We are moving ahead with the final closing stages for the home as we get the keys towards the end of April to move in!! We can't wait to take on the various projects and get settled in.

    Eric S., Chatham

    Thank you for doing my home inspection! Jim is very thorough and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Highly recommended!

    Tina B., Chatham

    Working with James through the home inspection was a great experience. From arranging the appointment, to a very detailed inspection and detailed report. The electronic report James provided was very detailed of his findings with both, a written and photographic assessment of the house. 

    I would recommend James to anyone who may be considering purchasing a home, as he is extremely thorough with his inspections, documenting both the major and small deficiencies and discussing these issues as we inspected. Very pleased with inspection and our new home!

    Walt D., Dresden

    Have bought a few homes and used HHI for the most recent home inspection, it was by far the best home inspector have seen or used! Very helpful in reports and everything was very detailed! Noticed alot of things that were not seen! Will use again no questions asked!!!

    Nicholas S., Chatham

    Hello James, by now all the issues which surfaced during the home inspection have been addressed and dealt with. We were very satisfied with the home inspection process and any advice offered during the course to correct problems that have or might surface in the future. The written report was very detailed and well understood.

    Thanks again for your help.

    PR and E Mueller., Chatham
    James, It is a pleasure to give you a rave review on the inspection that you did with Chad and I. We were both very impressed with your demeanor, which was very down to earth…not talking over our heads, and being sure that we understood what you were saying, and the time that you took to check out every inch of that house, and your comments on any improvements were noted by you, and very welcomed by us, as we will take care of the small things when the deal is complete at the end of February.

    I would recommend you in a heartbeat, and call you again, if ever needing another home inspection.

    Janet C., Wallaceburg

    Well documented with pictures, easy to read and understand. Thank You!

    Ron and Cheryl M., Wallaceburg

    It was both a pleasure and a privilege to participate in your inspection of the house.  I learned a great many things as you walked me through your very thorough inspection of many important features of the house. Your exceptional training from Carson & Dunlop, your experience, and your judgment are outstanding!  You are every bit as good as the guys at Carson & Dunlop. You have the essential three qualities that I look for in a physician – you were quick, decisive, and accurate. 

    Even though the house is far smaller than "mansions," you covered a lot of territory on the house in a very short time. You didn't mince words about the conditions of various features of the house – house inspectors (and physicians) who are wishy-washy –eg. "Well, it could be this or maybe it isn't?" -- are not what I would call a "keeper." 

    Finally, I am (almost) certain that you were correct or accurate in every one of your evaluations, based on my own observations of the physical features of the house that you would direct my attention to. (You even saved my life as you prevented me from sticking my finger into the circuit breaker box -- what a dummy I was)!  

    I was able to open the attached report of the inspection; it is a remarkably concise and clear document, and the summaries of each issue to be dealt with are very helpful.

    David B., Chatham

    A sincere thank you for your thoroughness and professionalism in inspecting this home.

    Sharon L., Ridgetown

    To everyone who suggested James Hereygers for a home inspection. He was terrific, very thorough and professional, and the report was incredibly detailed. Highly recommend him to anyone else looking.

    Nikki K., Blenheim

    Thank you James for all your wonderful hard work and time. We are happy with your great work and service with detail you provide in your job. 

    Dr. Mortada and Mary, Chatham

    Jim was a home inspector for my son's purchase of his first home. Jim went through the whole house and explained everything to our son so that he understood everything. Thank you Jim for making it easy for the kids! I highly recommend you to anyone.

    Mary Jayne Gosnell, Duart